National Conference on “Recent Trends in VLSI, Communication and Embedded Technologies”

Event Description

National Conference on “ Recent Trends in VLSI, Communication and Embedded Technologies”


Scope of the Conference:

The conference focuses on recent trends in VLSI, Communication & Embedded technologies,
to disseminate knowledge on developments in the areas such as RF, DSP, Image & Signal Processing,
Embedded systems, Sensor and networks in respect of VLSI, Communication & Embedded applications.

Conference Topics:

* Real Time Embedded Systems
* Design of Embedded system with VLSI
*Applications of Image Processing in VLSI
* Multi Antenna Communication Technologies
* 4G/5G Wireless Technologies
* Emerging topics in VLSI Signal Processing
* VLSI for Communication & Biomedical Signal
* CAD for VLSI
* Embedded and Multicore DSP System Design
* Embedded system in Bio-Medical
* Embedded system in Military Applications
* Statistical Signal Processing
* Semiconductor Device Modeling
* High Performance DSP architecture
* Microsystems for Signal Processing
*Low power VLSI Design
* Testing of VLSI


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