Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Starts from:Wed, April 28, 2021 9:00AM - 4:50PM
Campus Location

Palayamkottai Road, Tuticorin District, Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu 628215,India

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  • Course Code BE-MECH
  • Duration 4 Years
  • Course Type Regular
  • Classes Monday - Friday
  • Min Qualifiations Plus 2
Class Description


♦ Established in 1995 with an intake of 60 students
♦  The intake is increased to 120 students in 2012.
♦  Total built up area of 4,300 Sq. m.
♦  Offers B.E degree program in Mechanical Engineering.


“To provide quality and perfect environment for holistic and dynamic life long learning, nurtured with positive mental attitude, instilled with value additions and groomed with manners that would self actualize future technocrats to excel and benchmark in their chosen field, with confidence and inspiration to face global challenges and social responsibilities successfully”.
“To play a vital role in the industrial development and economic growth of the Nation through the supply of quality Engineering graduates and through applied research”.

♦ To receive Accreditation from NBA, AICTE for five years

♦ To acquire research centre status

♦ To undertake R&D projects sponsored by funding agencies

♦ To commence additional PG programmes

♦ To sign MoUs with leading industries and organizations

♦ To collaborate with national and international institutions


PEO 1:To provide successful careers to students in Indian and multinational companies.

PEO 2:To develop the ability among students to synthesize data and technical concepts for application to product design by improving their creative and innovation skills.

PEO 3:To provide cooperation among students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects.

PEO 4:To prepare the students with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems.

PEO 5:To promote student awareness of the life-long learning and to introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.

Students graduating from the Mechanical Engineering Department will be expected and prepared to exercise the skills and abilities (a) through (l) listed in the table of Program Outcomes below. The table also indicates how the Program Outcomes contribute to the Program Educational Objectives.

PO 1:Graduates will demonstrate basic knowledge in Mathematics, Science and Engineering.

PO 2:Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design Mechanical components and conduct experiments using modern Mechanical equipments and computer, interpret and analyze data and report results.

PO 3:Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design a Mechanical system or a thermal system or a production process or a hypo ethical system that meets desired specifications and requirements.

PO 4:Graduates will demonstrate the ability to function on Engineering and Science laboratory teams, project teams as well as on multidisciplinary design teams.

PO 5:Graduates will demonstrate the skills and ability to identify formulate, and solve Mechanical Engineering problems.

PO 6:Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities.

PO 7:Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.

PO 8:Graduates will have the confidence to apply Engineering solutions in global and societal contexts.

PO 9:Graduates should be capable of self-education and clearly understand the value of lifelong learning.

PO 10:Graduates will be broadly educated and will have an understanding of the impact of Engineering on society and demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues.

PO 11:Graduates will be familiar with modern Engineering software tools and equipment
to analyze Mechanical Engineering problems.





Laboratory Name Area (m2) Major Equipment
Metrology Lab 172 Slip Gauges
Pneumatic Air Comparator
CAD / CAM Lab 172 CNC Trainer Lathe
CNC Trainer Mill
HP Design jet printer

Whirling of shaft apparatus

Cantilever beam setup

Static and dynamic balancing apparatus

Force measurement setup

Radiation pyrometer

Balancing reciprocating mass apparatus

Electrical gyroscope

Cam analysis apparatus

Governor apparatus porter, proel and hartnel governor

Fitting 117 Surface plate
Carpentry 171 Wood turning lathe
Smithy shop 84 Blower
Foundry shop 111 Blower
Welding shop 55 Welding Transformer
Machine shop 597 Lathe
Capstan lathe with turret head
Orbit / pilot 6 ½’
Milling machine
All geared radial drilling machine
Tool and cutter grinder
Centreless grinding machine
Slotting machine
Universal milling machine
Surface grinding machine
Shaping machine 24’’
Shaping machine 18’’
Cylindrical grinding machine
Planner machine
Gear hobbing machine
THERMAL LAB I 250 Twin cylinder 4 S diesel engine (electrical dynamometer &exhau
Single cylinder 4 S diesel engine (rope brake dynamometer)
Single cylinder 4 S diesel engine (rope brake dynamometer)
Two stage reciprocating air compressor
Rotary compressor
Air blower test rig
Multi cylinder petrol engine (hydraulic dynamometer)
Reciprocating cycle test rig
Air conditioning tutor
Horizontal diesel engine test rig (valve timing diagram with fuel injection arrangement)
THERMAL LAB II 240 Revomax Boiler model RXA – 06, 15kg / cm2 HSD fired with steam separator
Stream turbine test rig, Softening point apparatus
Wind tunnel, Red wook viscometer
Digital Bomb Calorimeter, Penkymaltin flash point and fire point apparatus
Melting point apparatus , Cleve land flash fire point apparatus
Twin distal ration apparatus, say bolt viscometer
Orsat gas analysis, Cloud and pour point apparatus
Heat Transfer Lab 120 Water cooling tower
Two slab guarded hot plate
Pin-fin convection apparatus
Forced convection apparatus
Stefan-Boltzmann’s constant apparatus
Composite walls
Natural convection apparatus
Insulating power apparatus
Emissivity measurement apparatus
Lagged pipe apparatus
Mechatronics Lab 72 Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with manual control
Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with Electronic control
Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with PLC control
8051 – Micro controller kit with stepper motor & Drive circuit
Servo controller interfacing for closed & open loop
PID Controller interfacing
Air Compressor
Automobile Lab 100 Diesel engine
Left hand drive jeep
Sipani car
Chain block pulley
Metallurgy & Measurements Lab         108 Heat treatment furnace
Laboratory sand mixer
Universal sand strength testing machine


Title No. of books
Text books 1044
Project notes 334
Question bank 7


  Dr. A. Mani Ramkumar Assistant Professor & Head of Department
  Dr. M. ChidambaraThanu Assistant Professor
  Mr. A. Mani Assistant Professor
  Dr. P. Ponnukrishnan Assistant Professor
  Dr. M. Appadurai Assistant Professor
  Mr. J. George Maniraj Assistant Professor
M.RajaSekar Assistant Professor
R. Balamurugan Assistant Professor


Any creative systematic activity undertaken in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this knowledge to devise new applications.

More than 100 research journals has been published in various journals


Faculty Name Designation Area of Specialisation
Dr. A. Maniram Kumar AP/Mech Industrial Safety, Safety management


Date Event Chief Guest/Jury
07.11.2020 webinar on “Hazard Control Techniques in Engineering  and chemical industries” Mr.L.V.Balaji M.E (Indl. Safety)

EV –Safety Officer

EVEMS / eMob Tech

Ashok Leylnd Ltd.,Chennai

30.11.2020-14.12.2020 Virtual internship training on Industrial based application design and development (J.Christian Nattar & P.Mahesh Selvam, II Mech)  National Small Industries Corporation limited
28.12.2020-28.02.2021 Project Internship (P.Sanjay  & J.Joshua Jeyaseelan, IV Mech) Dakshin Bharat Gateway Terminal Private LimitedBerth No 8:

VOC PORT Trust, Tuticorin

09.03.2021-09.09.2021 Internship (A.Jainul Arafath  & F.Jainul Afrith, IV Mech) Prime tech Electro Mechanical Equipment Services (SP) L.L.C,   Abu Dhabi
17.03.2021 Guest Lecture on Non Destructive Testing Mr.Ram Mohan ,

Technical Consultant,

Imaya International Institute of NDT.

5.11.2019 Seminar on “Simulia Abaqus” Mr. Santhosh,

Manager,EDS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Coimbaore

23-08-2018 Lecture on Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing Mr. Abbas

E-RANGERS, Chennai

14-03-2017 Workshop on basic Automotive Maintanance Mr.Hariprathan,

Managing Director,

Suzee Group of companies, Tirunelveli.




Workshop on Basics of Ansys CFD Er.Nirmal Kumar Balagura,

Application Engineer,

ARK InfosolutionsPvt Ltd, Bangalore

20.02.2016 Lecture on Importance of Water Resources Mr.M.Muthukumar, Assistant Engineer, TNEB


Year Name Rank
2016 Mr. A. S. Dinesh Kumar 29
2016 Mr. G. Guru Robin 30
2014 Mr. S. Senthilnathan 31
2014 Mr. K. Chellaya 36
2014 Mr. S. ArockiaAnand 47
2013 Mr. A. SathamHussain 44
2012 Mr. P. Subramanian 36
2012 Mr. A. sakthiMuthuvel 38
2012 Mr. P. Thangakumar 45
2011 Mr. M. Manoj 29
2004 Mr. J. Prince vijay 4
2004 Mr. S. Sundrajain 6
2004 Mr. R. Jaikumar 9
2003 Mr. S.Ebenezer 5
2001 Mr. R. Balasubrsmanian 1
2001 Mr. N. Arumugam 7
2000 Mr. N. A. Anish Kumar 9
2000 Mr. S. Balan 10


Year Name of  the Student Percentile / Score
2007 D.G. Teo Nathaniel 99.39
S. Mani Prakash 98.97
C. SasiAnand 87.91
L. Joshi NivasNimal 80.04
S. Sankar Ganesh 77.93
I.S.R. Arun Samuel 77.90
S. Sathish @ Narayanasamy 73.44
2011 J. Anbarasan 333
2012 P. Mariappan 25.67
J. Anbarasan 32.63


Year Name of  the Student Percentile / Score
2007 D.G. Teo Nathaniel 99.39
S. Mani Prakash 98.97
C. SasiAnand 87.91
L. Joshi NivasNimal 80.04
S. Sankar Ganesh 77.93
I.S.R. Arun Samuel 77.90
S. Sathish @ Narayanasamy 73.44
2011 J. Anbarasan 333
2012 P. Mariappan 25.67
J. Anbarasan 32.63



Year Student Name Best Outstanding/Best Outgoing
2021 Mr. R.S.Vivek Anand Best Outgoing
2020 Mr. V.Gopala Subramanian Best Outstanding
2019 Mr. P.Srinivasa Muthu Best Outstanding
2018 Mr. V.Sathiyaraj Best Outstanding
2017 Mr. C.Parameshwari Best Outstanding
2016 Mr. G.Guru Robin Best Outgoing
2015 Mr. P.Sankaralingam Best Outstanding
2014 Mr. M.MohamedYasarArafath Best Outstanding
2013 Mr. B.Paramasivan Best Outstanding
2012 Mr. P.Mariappan Best Outstanding
2011 Mr. C.Karthick Best Outstanding
2010 Mr. P.Viswanath Best Outstanding
2009 Mr. B.BalaKrishna Kumar Best Outstanding
2008 Mr. I.S.R. Arun Samuel Best Outstanding
2007 Mr. D.G.TeoNathanel Best Outstanding
2005 Mr. S.Krishnanathan Best Outstanding
2004 Mr. I. Rajaram Best Outgoing
1999 Mr. S. Richard Best Outgoing





Year Industry Date
IV Year

(2016-2020 Batch)

Nuclear power  Plant-Kudankulam 27-02-2020
Year Industry Date

IV Year

(2009-13 batch)

Paragon Steels Ltd. 13.09.12
Elastrex Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
III year
(2010-14 batch)
Maria Joseph Mills 23.08.12
Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals
II Year
(2011-15 batch)
Anna Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. 22.08.12
Veega Power Plant
II Year
(2013-17 batch)
SUN Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.


III year

(2014-18 batch)

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant 26.08.16
III Year

(2015-19 batch)

Thanmalaihydro electric power plant 08.09.17
II Year

(2016-20 batch)

IPRC/ISRO, Mahendragiri 24.08.18



No other activity provides as many benefits to students who want to get ahead than student research.  Benefits of conducting research include expanding understanding of your academic field; establishing valuable connections with faculty; gaining academic experiences that expand their resume.

Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology has sponsored and financed two of the projects guided by Dr.S.Richard during 2000-2001 (“Computer Numerical Control of Indexing Mechanisms using Visual Basic”) and 2002-2003 (“Fabrication of Palmyra Tree Climber”) for Rs. 10,000 each.