Electronics & Communication ( ECE )

Electronics & Communication ( ECE )
  • ECE
  • Under Graduation
Starts from:Mon, July 1, 2019 9:30AM - 4:50PM
Campus Location

Paalayangottai Road, Tuticorin District, Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu,Tiruchendur,Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu,India

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Course Feature
  • Course Code BE -ECE
  • Duration 4 Years
  • Course Type Regular
  • Classes Monday - Friday
  • Min Qualifications Plus 2
Class Description

♦  The Department was established in the Year 1999 with a sanctioned intake of 40.and later increased to an intake of 120 students from the year 2011.

♦  Department of ECE is Anna University recognized Research centre for pursuing PhD.

♦  The department has 4 PhD holders and 5 are pursuing PhD. Department regularly produces 80% results and University ranks.

♦ Students are encouraged to actively participate in sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Ours is a WiFi campus. Well experienced and dedicated faculty with specialization in VLSI Design, Communication systems, Applied electronics, Computer & communication, Embedded system technologies, Microwave and optical Engineering & Digital communication networking are the assets of our department. Department is fully equipped laboratories and tools that are continuously upgraded to meet the technological challenges. In-plant training & industrial visits are arranged for students to get exposure in their core field. More than 100 technical papers presented by the faculty in various national and international journals and conferences.

♦ To ensure an academic environment conducive for achieving the highest levels of academic excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

♦ To strengthen the students to grow beyond the chosen discipline and to contribute their share for the development of nation.


♦ To improve the qualities of integrity and honesty in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and to inspire, energize, motivate and stimulate the creativity of the students.

♦  To excel in all academic activities.

♦ To impart an impetus for continual up gradation and perpetual development

♦ To achieve 100% placement.


PEO1: Become a successful engineer with sound knowledge and to excel in professional career by acquiring mathematical computing skills and Engineering science knowledge.

PEO2: Identify and analyse real life problems, design technically sound systems applying   engineering knowledge with ethical principles that is suitable for the society.

PEO3: Apply research-based knowledge, choosing appropriate engineering tools for solving   real time projects of multidisciplinary nature as a team to provide appropriate   solution.

PEO4: Comprehend and communicate effectively on engineering activities and to have thirst    for learning to meet technological up gradation


PO1.Ability to apply mathematical concepts, basic theories of science and fundamental  Engineering concepts for solving complex Engineering problems.

PO2. Ability to identify, formulate and analyse the complex Engineering problems using mathematical and science concepts.

PO3. Ability to find solutions to complex Engineering problems that meet the specified  needs with appropriate consideration for public health, safety, culture, society and  environment.

PO4. Ability to apply research-based knowledge and synthesis of information to provide  valid conclusion.

PO5. Ability to predict and model the complex Engineering activities by creation, selection and application of suitable techniques and Engineering tools.

PO6. Ability to apply reasoning on Engineering practice solutions to assess the impact on  society.

PO7. Ability to understand the impact of engineering solution on environment.

PO8. Ability to apply ethical principles on engineering practice.

PO 9. Ability to serve effectively as an individual or team member to achieve a common  goal.

PO10. Ability to comprehend engineering activities and communicative effectively with the society

PO 11. Ability to handle interdisciplinary projects and finance management.

PO 12. Ability of lifelong learning to cope up with the growing technology



Electronic System Design Laboratory

  1. The Electronic Systems Design domain encompasses a broad range of topics covering several aspects of both, digital and analog hardware systems.
  2. The labis used extensively to carry out high-end research as well as to support undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.
  3. The Laboratory exercises illustrating the designand application of electronic
  4. The lab also has a variety of software suites.
  5. Facilities in the lab include DSO, AFO, Power supplies, and digital Multimeters and various ICs.

Electronics Lab I

  1. To acquaint the students with the construction, theory and operation of the basic electronics devices such as PN junction diode, Bipolar and Field effect Transistor, Power control devices, LED, LCD and other Opto- electronic devices. This lab also provide knowledge about digital trainer kit.

Electronics Laboratory- II

  1. Electronics Laboratory- II is well equipped with sophisticated equipment’s to perform experiments on Diode and transistor based electronic circuit designs.
  2. The available equipment’s in this lab are Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, CRO’s, Function Generators, Power supplies, and digital Multimeters.
  3. This lab also has various digital IC’s and equipment’s like latest model Digital IC trainer Kits for performing Digital Logic Design experiments and projects.


Microwave and Fiber Optic Communication Lab (EC 06)


  1. The laboratory is Spacious, fully Air Conditioned, well equipped with Internet Connection. The lab has X –Band and J – Band Microwave Test Benches to explore the various experiments prescribed in syllabus and beyond with Klystron Source and three X –Band test benches with GUNN Diode as source.
  2. The laboratory is well equipped with adequate Microwave components and devices like Circulator, Magic Tee, Directional Couplers, solid dielectric cell, liquid dielectric cell etc. and various types of Antennas like Horn Antenna, Parabolic Dish Antenna, Microstrip Antennas to perform experiments and design projects. The VSWR Meter and advanced Power meter make detailed output measurements at Microwave Frequencies.


  1. The Optical Fiber Communication lab is designed and equipped to perform analog, digital signal transmission characteristics using trainer systems. The Video link trainer kits provide knowledge in transmission of video, audio, data signals through optical fiber cables. The lab is equipped with basic optical fiber communication kits to advanced mode characteristics study with latest optical communication systems. The various sources of fiber optics like LED and LASER with different operating wavelengths 660nm, 850nm, 960nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm are used for the practical study purpose with suitable detectors like PIN Diode and Avalanche Photo Diode (APD). The lab is equipped with OTDR (Optical Time Domain Refelectometer) an advanced device used to find faults or breakage in the optical fiber transmission line. The Splicing Kit is used in the study of connectorisation process of optical fiber cables used in real time environment. The lab provides opportunity for students to explore theoretical concepts and realize it in research. The High frequency simulation software is used to develop applications to realize concepts to projects and to products using advanced High Frequency Simulation Software ANSOFT HFSS.


  1. Projects Developed by students in the lab using the facilities have been funded by TamilNadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST) and won II Price in the state level presentation during 2008-2009.

Radio Frequency lab

  1. Radio Frequency Laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated equipment’s to perform experiments on Diode, transistor based electronic circuit designs and communication kits.
  2. The available equipment’s in this lab are Communication kit, spectrum analyser, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, CRO’s, Function Generators, Power supplies, and digital Multimeters for performing Electronic circuitDesign experiments and projects.




The department library has a total of 1283 volumes with a wide range of domain related to Electronics and Communication Engineering, covering a total of 810 titles for the Under Graduates


Photo Name Designation Email.Id
  Dr.D.David Neels Ponkumar


Associate Professor




  Dr. A. Beno



Associate Professor  


  Dr. R. Manjith



Associate Professor  


  Dr. S. P. Valanarasu



Associate Professor  


  Mr. A. JeyapaulMurugan



Assistant Professor  


  Mrs.V. Monisha



Assistant Professor  


  Mrs. J. Thilagavathy



Assistant Professor  






  Mr. S. Darwin



Assistant Professor  


  Mr. J. Joshua Bapu


Assistant Professor joshuabapu.drsacoe@aei.edu.in
  Mr. V.D.M.Jabez Daniel Assistant Professor jabezdaniel.drsacoe@aei.edu.in
  Mr. S.Senthil Siva Manikandan Assistant Professor senthilsivamanikandan.drsacoe@aei.edu.in
  Mrs. S.Sulochana


Assistant Professor  


  Mrs. U.LeninMarksia



Assistant Professor  





Assistant Professor  





Assistant Professor  








Assistant Professor sivaraju.drsacoe@aei.edu.in


Assistant Professor murugan.drsacoe@aei.edu.in


  Mr.G.Sam Singh


Assistant Professor samsingh.drsacoe@aei.edu.in
Mrs.C.Karthika Assistant Professor Karthika@drsacoe.com
Mrs.P.Finolina Esther Assistant Professor Finolina@drsacoe.com




Two faculty have got the Guideship

  Dr. A. Beno

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur

Area of Specialization : Microwave Devices, Antenna Design, SoC –VLSI, Optics, Image Processing



  Dr. R. Manjith

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur

Area of Specialization : Wireless communication

Year Student Name University rank
2018 A.Rohini 19
R.Ponni 40
V.VinoShilfa 46
 2017 R.SakthiBrundha 12
P.Iswarya Rohini 44
2016 R.Iswarya 41
M.Girish Pandian 46
A.JesmineSulthana 47
2014 A.Mullai Sakthi. 35
B.S.Deepika 39
N.Aiswarya 49
2013 P.Aishwarya 18
Sri Devi Seetha 29
R.AishaSuriya 41
2012 B.Brindhavan 28
J.Dhanya 30
M.U.Monisha 42
R.Vipitha 46
2011 S.YogaSelvi 6
S.RamaSankaraSubbammal 40
2008 N.Venkatesh Prabu 15




Student Name


Gate Score


2016 S.Alagumuthumari 0328


E.Arunraj 0325


S.Keerthana 0307


2010 A.RuthJency  



H.Prasath Lingam  





Academic Year Name

Of the student


Best Outgoing
2017-2018 A.Rohini Best Outgoing
2016-2017 P.Vijayalakshmi Best Outgoing
2015-2016 V.Kottai Rani Best Outgoing
2014-2015 S.Sindhu Priya Best Outgoing
2013-2014 B.S.Deepika Best Outgoing
2012-2013 J.Sridevi Seetha


Best Outgoing
2011-2012 T.Sivagurunathan


Best Outgoing
2010-2011 M.Prakash


Best Outgoing
2009-2010 K. Ganesh Annamalai Best Outgoing
2008-2009 Simon Thambi Best Outgoing
2007-2008 R.VeenaPrasad Best Outgoing
2006-2007 P.Suja Best Outgoing


Ms.R.SakthiBrundha Outstanding


S.Sindhu Priya Outstanding


B.S.Deepika Outstanding
2007-2008 N.VenkateshPrabhu Outstanding



Details of R&D Projects

Students Name Guided By Title of the Project Funding Agency Year Amount


C.Muthu Kalpana,

R.Muthu Mari,

S.Selvi Priya, M.Valliammal



Perceive dissident constituent using ground penetrating radar  












Lifesaving mechanism for workers in remote regions TNSCST 2010 Rs.6000/.








A.R.Senthur Pandian





Embedded Based Gear Control System in Automobiles TNSCST 2010 Rs.6000/.





E.Sabari Muthu Raman

N.Siva Chidambaram




Traffic Congestion Clearance for Life Saving Services TNSCST 2011 Rs.6000/. Completed

S.Jeya Priya






Home Assisting System for Disabled People TNSCST 2012 Rs.6000/. Completed
A.Arnica Esther mani

C.Blessi Esther





Embedded based hand talkassisting system for deaf & dumb people TNSCST 2013 Rs.7000/- Completed





Robotics For Reusing Trapped Child in Borewells TNSCST 2014 Rs 7500/- Completed






Remote based Guidance system for physically challenged people in commercial areas TNSCST 2014 Rs.7000/- Completed







Optical Imaging Based Diabetic Neuropathy Analyser for Amputation Prevention TNSCST 2017 Rs.10000/- Completed




Intelligent Security system based 24/7 lockers IEEE Madras section 2017 Rs.4000/- Completed
Ms.M.Nivetha ,

Ms.V. Pavithra ,

Ms.P.Pushpa Meena ,

Ms.C .Sowmiya


Mr.S.P.ValanArasu,  Assoc.Prof/ECE Recognition of Abandoned object in Video Surveillance System TNSCST 2018 Rs.10,000 Completed











2017-2018 Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam Memorial center-Rameshwaram 27.09.2017
Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam Memorial center-Rameshwaram 04.10.2017
ISRO-Mahendragiri 06.09.2017
ISRO-Mahendragiri 18.09.2017


Doordharshan -Courtallam 27.02.2017
Windmill- Aralvaimozhi 03.03.2017
Windmill- Aralvaimozhi 24.02.2017
Doordharshan -Courtallam 15.09.2016


ISRO, Mahendragiri 24.03.2016
Doordharshan -Courtallam 14.03.2016
ISRO, Mahendragiri 26.02.2016



ISRO, Mahendragiri 05.02.2015
Doordharshan -Courtallam 31.03.2015
Sun Paper Mill 30.03.2015
Doordharshan -Courtallam 10.10.2014


ISRO, Mahendragiri 27.02.2014
Sun Paper Mill 28.02.2014



ACE Components Pvt. Ltd, Mysore 26.09.2012
Yashash cable network Pvt. Limited,Mysore 27.09.2012
Wonderla Electrical System,Bangalore 28.09.2012






ISRO, Mahendragiri 10.02.2012
Hindustan Photo Film Ooty 24.01.2012
Triton Technology & Sewage Treatment Plant, Mettupalayam 25.01.2012
Yashash cable network Pvt. Limited,Mysore 25.08.2011
Wonderla Electrical System, Mysore 26.08.2011
Prescience Soft Pvt. Limited,Mysore 26.08.2011
Wonderla Electrical System,Mysore 22.09.2011
Acolade Consultants India Pvt.Limited,Trivandrum 23.09.2011


Name of Industry Resource person Topic covered Date
Prolific Systems & Technologies, Chennai D. Arun Gladwin,B.E, MBA,


One Day Workshop on PLC & SCADA Based GSM Controller


BSNL, Nagercoil Mr. N. Vijayakumaran Nair

Retired A.G.M,

Industry Orientation and Awareness Teaching 17th and 18th October 2014


Telit Wireless, Bangalore Mr. R. Jeyakumar,


“Opportunities in Embedded Systems”


Prosol Instruments.


Mr. M. Sivakumar

Mr. S. Ravikumar, Senior Engineer, Benchmark,

Mr. G.S Renganath, and Mr. M. Vijay, Senior Engineer,

“Software Defined Radio”




Autocop, Bangalore


Mr.R.Naresh Krishnan,


HAM RADIO Awareness 09-02-2015
ENTUPLE Bangalore Mr. Sharath,


Design Skills with ANSOFT HFSS 20-02-2015 and


ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Mrs. G. R. Nisha

“Engineer SF”


Technical Session “Trends in VLSI Design” 26-08-2015
Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Experts from Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Industry Orientation Program for Students 10-12-2015
Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Experts from Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore


Industry Orientation Workshop

(Faculty Members)

CDAAC, Bangalore Mr. J. Mervin Jacob, Scientist Trends in Analog Integrated Circuit Designs in VLSI


Director VANTAGE,Nagercoil


D. Arun Gladwin,B.E, MBA,


“New Faculty Induction Workshop”


08-07-2016 &


Inteva Products India Pvt.Ltd.,Bangalore Mr. R. Naresh Krishnan,

Senior Embedded Software Engineer,

“Embedded Technologies in Automobile and Industrial Applications” 08-10-2016
Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mr. Vijay Singh Kushwah, Senior Manager,


“Advance Training on Test & Measuring Equipments”


Mistral Solutions, Bangalore Mr. Rajeev Ramachandra, Chief Technology Officer,


“Integrated System Development for Industry Environment”


Mistral Solutions Bangalore Mr. Vijay Baharath, Associate Vice President, “Hardware Knowledge for Professional Career With Industry” 28-08-2017
Mistral Solutions Bangalore Mr. Raja Subramanian, Senior Architect, “Software Knowledge for Professional Career With Industry” 28-08-2017
Mistral Solutions Bangalore Mr. Rajeev Ramachandra, Chief Technical Officer, “Enriching Engineering Professionals for Industry Environment” 28-08-2017
Inteva Products Ltd. Bangalore


NTECH-Solutions Tirunelveli

MistralSolutions, Bangalore.

Mr. R. Naresh Krishnan

Mr. M. S. Balaji, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Mr. K. Madhavan,.

Mr. Nanthanaraj, Mr. Sinthuraja, Mr. Davidson

“Industry Orientation on Embedded System Development” 08-01-2018 to


Mistral Solutions, Bangalore. Mr. R. Nanthanaraj&Mr. Jeyakumar,


“Embedded Design with BEAGLEBN Development Board” 24-02-2018


1.S.Ayishasabur M. Bavithra K. Bhagya Lakshmi K. Christy, 12/4/2018 2017-2018 International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, Identification of Teratoma in brain of New born using Segma

2.I.Jenifer M. Jeslin Mary D. Frijit Raja Shunmathi J. Thilagavathy, March 2017 International Journal Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, An Involuntary Feeding and Health Monitoring System for Dairy Farms

  1. V.Mithila, 2017, IoT& its Applications, JeyarajAnnapackiyam college of Engineering
  1. R.SeenipriyaC.SujapravyaK.VelaA.Vivitha, 2017, Multi-functional reclining wheel chair for differently abled persons using Arduino, Universal college of engineering & Technology, Valliyoor
  1. S.ElakkiyaM.Keerthana, 2017, Intelligent medicine remainder using Arduino, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. P.GomathiV.JananiSathieaswariM.lavanya, 2017, Detecting and warning system for fire work warehouses based on wireless sensor networks, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. N.Nisha Golda S.NishanthiniP.PatchaiRajakani, 2017, Power generation using piezo electric and heat sensors using Arduino, Universal college of engineering & Technology, Valliyoor
  1. K.PonrathiS.SivapradeepasangeethaM.Muthammal, 2017, Increasing energy efficiency through transmit power spreading in dense femto cell network, Universal college of engineering & Technology, Valliyoor
  1. B.AbiramiD.MadhumathiR.GiftlinR.Brintha, 2017, IOT based pi dome domicile automation, Universal college of engineering & Technology, Valliyoor
  1. M.DivyalakshmiE.AnujoelP.DhanushiyaJ.Jesintha, 2017, GSM based hazardous gas leakage, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. A.NishanthiR.ShinojiM.RamyaB.SanthanaKeerthika, 2017, Authenticated signature verification, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. T.SukinBavithra, 2017, Hand gesture language using flex sensor, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. J.RoselinRamyaN.SabrinramziyaS.Sailakshmi, 2017, Implementation of mind control robot using Bluetooth, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. K.BoomiAnathiD.T.GeethanjaliS.Lavanya, 2017, Black box on earth station using Arduino, P.S.R.Rengasamy college of engineering for women, Sivakasi
  1. S.AshaK.Kamala Lakshmi S.Maheswari, 2017, Intelligent theft & traffic monitoring system for public safety, Bannariamman Institute of Technology, Erode
  1. S.AshaM.Durgadevi, 2017, Intelligent theft & traffic monitoring system for public safety, K.Ramakrishnan college of technology, Tiruchirappalli
  1. A.V.KalyaniM.Lininta, 2017, Embedded based automatic irrigation control through GSM technology, Dr.SivanthiAditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur
  1. D.Frijit Raja ShunmathiS.JanakiI.JeniferM.Jeslin Mary, 2017, An involuntary feeding & health monitoring system, Universal college of engineering & Technology, Valliyoor
  1. Iswariya Sankaran M.Maheswari, 2017, Train ticketing with location detector using Arduino, P.S.R.Rengasamy college of engineering for women, Sivakasi
  1. 18. AhilaEswariM.KavithaG.Parameswari, 2015, Design and Implementation of Border Alert System for Fisherman using Microcontroller, ITICE’15 Jayarajannapackiamcsi college of engineering ,Nazareth
  1. 19. Kalyana Sundaram P.KarthikeyanA.SinthaM.Udhaya Kumar, 2015, Regulatory Violation and Terrorism Controlled Monitoring System using VAN, ITICE’15 Jayarajannapackiamcsi college of engineering , Nazareth
  1. R.Thangarajan, 2015, Smart Companion for Differently Abled Person, ITICE’15 Jayarajannapackiamcsi college of engineering ,Nagareth
  1. 21. Alex Samuel raj.SI.AhmedFaize, 2015,ITICE’15 Jayarajannapackiamcsi college of engineering ,Nazareth
  1. M.Manikandan, 2015, Controlling Brain Waves using Embedded System, NCICT’15-K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering,Tiruchirappalli
  1. M.Deepa, 2014, Design of Modified Dynamic Regenarative Comparator for Power and Delay Reduction., AYANZARE – Sethu Institute of Technology, Virudhunagar
  1. N.Ganthimathi, 2014, Autonomous GSM – Mobile Based Robot Navigation, NCCICS’14 – VV College of Engineering, Tisaiyanvilai
  1. 25. Jenifa, 2014, Modified Embedded Transition Inversion Encoding and Decoding scheme for Serial Links., ICEA- 2014 – Sardhar Raja College of Engineering, Alangulan, Tiruneveli
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  1. G.SaranyaT.Mahalakshmi, 2014, Remote basd guidance system for physically challenged people in commercial areas., ITECH-14- Jeyarajannapackiam college of engineering, Nazareth
  1. 30. M.AyeshaShameeha, G.JenitShyamala, 2014, Anti – HIV wing Nanorobots, RACSC’14 Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli
  1. P.Motcha Mary Rathi Pushpa, 2014, Implementation of Hyperbolic Tangent Activation Function in VLSI., ICECT-2014 – Sethu Institute of Technology, Virudhunagar
  1. 32. SanthiyaM.Poongodi, 2014, A Comparative Study of Detection of Forest Fire Smoke Using MODIS Satellite Image., ICMACE’14 Tamizhan College of Engineering & Technology, Kanyakumari
  1. M.Poongodi, 2014, A Novel Techniques for Detection of Forest Fire smoke using MODIS Data, COMCON,14 K.N.S.K. College of Engineering, Nagercoil
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  1. 36. SaranyaK.Selva Priya P.GokilaG.CrenaphdinoG.GomathiSankari, 2013, Brain Controlled Car for disable using artificial intelligence, NCCVSP’13-The Rajaas Engineering College,Tirunelveli
  1. 37. ChandralekhaK.AnithaR.Muthu Lakshmi R.SelvaSuganthi, 2013, Intelligence Car system for accident prevention using ARM 7, NCCVSP’13-The Rajaas Engineering College,Tirunelveli
  1. 38. MahadeviT.Mahalakshmi, 2013, Microcontroller based heart rate monitor and arrhythmia detector, NCCVSP’13-The Rajaas Engineering College, Tirunelveli
  1. 39. Divya Bharathi N.Archana, 2013, A web based tele robotic system for research and education, NCCVSP’13-The Rajaas Engineering College,Tirunelveli
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  1. 43. MariajothijeniferG.Kezia, 2013, Intellectual Bank safe Keeping systems, RACST’13- Francis Xavier Engineering College
  2. S.J.Dhivya, 2013, FPGA Design of Low error Fixed- width modified booth multiplier for multimedia applications, ADELCO-2K13- National Engineering College- Kovilpatti
  1. 45. SankaragomathiM.RajeswariS.KeerthanaM.MonishaSibiah, 2012, Embedded Based Industrial Pollution Vigilance Through wireless Communication, NCCCEE’12- Vel tech Dr.RR& Dr.SR Technical University Avadi Chennai
  1. 46. R.AryalekshmiKezia G, 2012, Blind Iterative error Concealment algorithm with low power JPEG 2000 encoder, NICEMAGIC,12- Angel College of Engineering & Technology Tirupur
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  1. 50. LenziaS.Muthulakshmi, 2012, Eyegaze Communication Systems, NEWSS’12 –Scad College of Engineering & Technology, Cheranmahadevi.
  1. 51. NivedtithaPriyadharshiniR.AshaSuriyaC.Sabiya, 2012, Bliss to Blind using Jaws Software, NEWSS’12 – Scad College of Engineering & Technology
  1. 52. V.DeepaVasiniN.KayathriN.GayathriC.Blessi Esther, 2012, Image Processing Application in Toll Collection., NEWSS’12 –Scad College of Engineering & Technology, Cheranmahadevi.
  1. 53. MumthajS.Deepika, 2012, A New Revolution system to Detect Humanbeings Buried under Earthquake Rubble., NCETEC’12 – AnnaiVailankanniCollegeofEngineering, Kanyakuamri
  1. A.ArnicaEsthar Mani, 2012, Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Robot, NEWSS’12 –Scad College of Engineering & Technology, Cheranmahadevi.
  1. 55. Sridevi Seetha S.DeepikaR.Mumthaj, 2012, Microcontroller based Anesthesia Injector, NEWSS’12 – Scad College of Engineering & Technology
  1. 56. Muthu Lakshmi, 2012, Eye Gaze communication system, NEWSS’12 – Scad College of Engineering & Technology
  1. 57. O.Nishanthi, 2012, Image segmentation using morphological filters and region margin, NCETC’12-Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engg College
  1. 58. PonSuganthiM.Poongodi, 2012, 4G- A New Era in Wireless Telecommunication., APECT’12 – Francis Xavier Engineering College

59S.EsaikalaM.V.MonishaT.LakshmiPriyadharsiniJ.Dhanya, 2012, Seismic Disaster resilence system for life Protection by Portable Receiving Device., ELITE – The Indian Engineering College, Vadakkankulam.

  1. 60. EsakkiammalA.Arnica Esther Mani, 2012, RFID Tag Antenna based Temperature sensing., NCETEC’12 – AnnaiVailankanni College of Engineering, Kanyakuamari
  1. B.BrindhavanR.Preethi, 2011, PAPR reduction Technique for LYE OFDMA systems by J Rotation, NCACC-2011, Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore
  1. D. Dolphin Kiruba ,C.Diana Devi, S.Nancy Agnes &S.YogaSelvi, 2011, Multi-modality image fusion technique for detection of brain tumour, INCATEC’11-Sardar Raja college of Engineering, Alangulam.


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